From Bo:

Hi. My name is BO and I’m a standard poodle. I have known Gayle for about ten years and she is the best. I love playing at the beach and outside all year round so I sometimes get pretty scruffy and matted. When I go to Gayle’s studio “GROOMINGALE’S”  she gives me an easy haircut with real close feet and of course the big fluffy tail. My owner highly recommends Gayle for her caring, fun-loving handling of me.

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Lisa and Family. And Charlie!

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We have been taking Charlie, our cherished bischon/mini-poodle mix, to Groomingale’s for the past 5 years.  She does a spectacular job with him and we are always so pleased with her work.  We would never take him anywhere else.  Thanks Gayle!


Vicki and Hal

We highly recommend Groomingales’ grooming service both for the care of the your pet during the service, and the gorgeous outcome afterwards!

We have a thirteen year old Golden retriever whom is precious to us and we are particular about his care.

Gayle is knowledgeable and thorough in her work and we think of her as the “Dr. Doolittle” of the Seacoast area since she seems to have a way of communicating with all the animals, and our Hal loves her!

Our dog looks fabulous when he has been groomed by Gayle and is happy to stay whenever I bring him there for this service.

We feel fortunate to have such a wonderful service for our dog and can recommend without reservations Groomingales for your pet too!

From Mitch:

I have been a steady customer of Groomingale’s for more than thirty years. Gayle always does absolutely beautiful grooming for my Cockers.

I have many people who stop what they are doing and ask me “Where do you go for your dogs?  I have never seen pets that looked so good!”

I know that my Cockers are treated with love, care,  and responsibility… I always know that they are in good hands and I would never go anywhere else!

I could go on for days…but here are a first couple of sentences…all true !